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No more Upfront Medical exam for Express Entry Applicants

No more Upfront Medical exam for Express Entry Applicants

The Express Entry program in Canada has undergone a significant change that will benefit future applicants. As of October 1, 2023, Express Entry applicants are no longer required to complete an Upfront Medical exam as part of their application process for permanent residence in Canada. This change, implemented by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), aims to streamline the application process, reduce the burden on applicants and make it easier for individuals to access Canadian immigration.

Instead, IRCC will send instructions to applicants on when and how to get a medical exam after their complete application for permanent residence has been submitted. This means that applicants can wait until they are further along in the immigration process before having to undergo a medical exam.

What is Upfront Medical Exam Canada Express Entry?

An Upfront Medical Exam, also known as an Immigration Medical Exam (IME), is a required medical examination that applicants must undergo to ensure their health status meets Canadian standards. This exam conducted by a panel physician approved by IRCC is needed for permanent residence. Your family members must also have a medical exam, even if they aren’t coming with you.

IRCC Instructions for New Express Entry Applicants

When submitting your application, IRCC advises new Express Entry applicants who have never had a medical exam to upload a blank document in the upload section of the Express Entry Profile Builder, meaning no more upfront medical exam for express entry applicants. After you have filed your whole application for permanent residency, IRCC will also provide you with instructions. You will learn where to schedule your medical examination and what documentation to bring from these guidelines. Within 30 days of finishing your medical examination, you must submit the results to IRCC. Your medical test results can be sent in by mail or online.

If IRCC finds that you are medically ineligible, they will not approve your application for permanent residence. That would imply that it has been determined that the applicant’s health poses a risk to the safety or health of Canadians, or that it would result in an unacceptably high demand for health or social services.

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IRCC instructions for applicants who completed a medical exam

For Express Entry applicants who have already completed an Immigration Medical Exam (IME) as part of their previous application either a study permit or work permit and are currently residing in Canada, they don’t need to complete another IME when applying for permanent residence. IRCC will ask them to include a copy of documents received from the panel physician in the pre-existing upload field for IMEs (Immigration Medical Exams). The documents include:

  • information print out sheet
  • IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form

IRCC asks you to provide a copy of these documents, or your IME number (also called your unique medical identifier number) from your previous medical exam when you apply online.

If IRCC cannot use your old results, they will send you instructions on how to do your medical exam after you submit your application for permanent residence.

EE Applicants received before October 1 require a medical exam

If an applicant has applied for Express Entry before October 1, they are required to provide the medical examination confirmation upfront. It must be valid at the time of the application. Immigration Medical Exams are typically valid for 12 months.

Previous IME Requirement

Previously, individuals applying for immigration through the Express Entry system were required to undergo a thorough medical examination before receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. This often led to delays and added expenses for applicants, as the medical exams were only valid for a limited period.


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